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Indian Bobbers

Before Choppers, there was Bobbers...

This Indian motorcycle website is all about Indian Bobbers, and any other Indian oldschool, bare bones or naked bikes.

Bare Bones Indian Bobber?

When we talk about a "Bobber", we mean a motorbike of which components which do not contribute to speed and accelleration have been removed. A matter of weight shedding within the limits of the law... In short: Remove ballast like fenders, side bags, etc., and you've got yourself a Bobber.

Bare bones and naked bikes basically follow the same concept: Take off all her clothes and you've got a naked bike...

Indian Oldschool Motorcycles?

How can you tell whether an Indian is an oldschool motorcycle, or how to make it an oldschool motorcycle? It's easy. Any original Indian is oldschool. No need to change anything.

Old Indians never die. They just get better looking!

1948 Indian Bobber motorcycle by John Landstrom. 1948 Indian Chief Bobber by John Landstrom

Straight Bobber or Custom Bobber?

To us, any Bobber is either a Straight Bobber or a Custom Bobber.

For more information, check out the Bobber Republic Info Pages!

Indian Oldschool Bobber Gallery


Classic Indians in Full Battle Dress

While the prime subject of this website is Indian Bobbers and other conversions of the classic Indian motorcycle, we also keep a keen interest in any and all vintage Indians in their original shape - or in their more-or-less original shape.

Check out these beauties:


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